If your fridge stops working, you have an emergency situation. A refrigerator repair in Woodstock is not something you can postpone for days, as your food may go bad within hours. You need to have a technician come see what the problem is and hopefully fix it quickly.

At Top Notch Appliance Repair, we understand this. Therefore, we are very careful when we plan our appointments so that refrigerator repairs are treated with maximum priority. The sooner you call us, the more chances you have to get your problem fixed before your food has the time to go bad.
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Tips For Preventing Refrigerator Problems
It’s also important to note that there are a few things you can do by yourself, either for the prevention of serious problems or for troubleshooting a malfunction. We are going to cover a few of them in this article.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that modern refrigerators, built with state-of-the-art technology, may need the intervention of highly qualified and skilled technicians. Our team at Woodstock’s top appliance repair shop is always here to help you, so don’t hesitate to call us if you have an emergency.

You are welcome to browse our website and see if you can find your specific problem covered by our specialists. If you have at least basic DIY skills, you can give it a go. In some cases you won’t need expert intervention. If you are rather inexperienced in these things, it is probably better to give us a call and let us sort things out for you. Our expert technicians can save you time and money by spotting the problems fast and by fixing them before any further damage is done.
How To Diagnose And Fix A “Motor Cycling” Problem
Cycling more than needed is one of the most frequent problems of many refrigerators. It is easy to diagnose this issue, because the refrigerator makes a specific noise when it kicks on, so you are going to know if it happens to yours. Besides, the back and sides will often get very warm to the touch because it works too much. Here are some things that you can try.

Take a look behind the fridge and see whether the condenser coils are covered with dust or grime. Such a coat can act just like a warm winter coat, preventing the coils from getting enough air to cool off. This will trigger the refrigerator to work more than it should, wearing out the motor and components before its time and making you pay bigger electricity bills. As you can see, it can be quite expensive to ignore this problem, so be sure to get it taken care of right away if you notice it.

If this is your problem, you need to remove the dust. The vacuum cleaner can be the perfect tool for this operation. However, be very gentle when you do it, in order to avoid damaging the coils. In order to prevent dust, pet dander and hair to accumulate again, you can cover the vent panel with a piece of lightweight, sheer material like pantyhose. It will prevent the dust from getting drawn back into the system while still allowing the air circulation.

If you have this problem with your fridge but the coils are clean, you should call a technician to investigate the situation and diagnose the cause.
What To Do About Frost Buildup
Last but not least, some of us experience ice and frost building up inside the freezer, on the walls and on the shelves, rendering the available storage space much smaller.

If you notice your freezer building up a lot of ice quickly, that’s a sign that the door isn’t properly sealed. Such leaks will make the cold air get outside the freezer, thus forcing your appliance work even harder to compensate and keep a constant temperature inside. These ice and frost deposits are built at your expense, as your fridge will use more electricity than usual in order to cope with this challenge of maintaining the cold environment inside.

You can do a visual inspection of all gaskets, looking for tears, holes or gaps in the seal. Another check you can perform is the complete closing of the door. There are also many situations in which big items stored inside the freezer don’t allow the door to close completely, thus causing cold air to leak. If you review all of these issues and you notice the gaskets look fine and there aren’t any items obstructing the door from closing, then you’ll need to call a technician to come and see what the problem is.
When To Call In The Pros
Issues like the ones described above can be easily addressed and fixed by you. Nonetheless, these are only a few of the minor situations. There are more severe malfunctions such as leaks, a general warming or the complete shut down which should be investigated and fixed by experienced professionals only. This is why you need to call a refrigerator repair company to come and see what your problem could be.

Refrigerators are relatively complicated appliances. It is possible that problems appear at the cooling system, at the condenser coils, at the compressor or at other parts which you may not even be aware of. It doesn’t make sense for you to try and fix something you don’t know anything about. The risk is to damage your refrigerator completely, not to mention that you might even hurt yourself in the process. Just leave it to the professionals, so that you can benefit from our experience and knowledge. It’s much cheaper than a new refrigerator, that’s for sure.

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    Called late in the day Friday for a non-emergency repair and they were here Monday morning. They were kind to my curious 3 year old and showed him all that he was doing to repair my fridge.


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    Sheila W.

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