Garbage Disposal Replacement

Garbage disposal repair WoodstockGarbage disposal systems have become extremely important in helping us keep our homes cleaner and to reduce the massive amounts of waste that we are putting out into refuse every single day. But garbage disposals can become something that you rely upon too much if you just believe that it can smash up everything and anything.

They’re designed to be used to grind up small, soft particles of old food and debris to help us provide more compact cleaning. When it starts being used to pulverize everything in sight though, it’s going to lead to significant and often expensive problems.

If you are in need of a replacement garbage disposal unit, then we here at Top Notch Appliance Repair & Service are more than happy to help. We offer a professional and efficient garbage disposal replacement service that runs on the very highest professional standards to Woodstock and the surrounding areas.

So if you are tired of listening to your garbage disposal run on its last leg and want to get it back to normal, give us a call. We’ll come out right away and replace your broken disposal with a brand new 1/2HP unit for just $195 plus tax. This fee includes the garbage disposal itself, as well as the removal of the old unit and installation of the new disposal.